Chairman's message

2014 closed positively and we expect good results for 2015 in terms of growth and the quality of production and services offered by IMA. While our businesses move toward offering an increasingly broad range of automatic machines to enable our customers to develop a closer relationship with consumers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food, the Group continues on its way toward sustainability.

We chose to grow only on the condition of not losing our character, our commitment to the needs of our customers and various stakeholders to whom we offer innovation, quality, customized products and services, and opportunities for growth, while respecting communities and the environment.


In its acquisition strategies, IMA chose selectively, so that the integration of production companies with different stories was sustainable both from an industrial and financial point of view, making diversity an asset with which to compete. The Group takes sustainable strategic and operational decisions so that it can continue to generate value for the firm and its stakeholders, in a logic of sharing. IMA's business enhances the skills of the territory where it was born: in particular, it has built close relationships with a wide network of subcontractors, made up mostly of small businesses that form an integral part of the industrial process of our machines.

IMA's machines reflect the needs of the customer and its end-users. They are produced according to criteria of energy-saving, waste reduction, respect for operators with a view to increasingly user-friendly interfaces and the ability to reduce waste thanks to the flexibility of the systems.

IMA's Sustainability Report should be read as an important summary of the decisions and results of a competitive company that wants to maintain an internal network of virtuous relationships in order to offer externally the best of its products and expertise to assist our customers and investors in their own success stories, in a context of stability and sustainability.

The 2014/15 Sustainability Report is the result of an evolution versus the first two Sustainability Profiles already published, demonstrating the Group's intention to adopt an increasingly comprehensive tool that is able to answer the questions that the information society asks us: to do this we have decided to adopt authoritative and internationally recognised standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, which makes IMA's commitment and reporting process a good practice that can be recognised all over the world.


The Chairman

Alberto Vacchi