Sustainability according to IMA


    In planning its strategies, the IMA Group takes account of the economic, social and environmental impact of its operations, adhering to the principles of sustainable growth and of Corporate Social Responsibility recognized internationally since 1987 with the Bruntland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) and in the EU's Europe 2020 strategy. Inspired by these principles, IMA outlines its commitment to sustainability as follows:


    Governance and Ethics

    Underlying IMA's approach to sustainability there is the concept of transparent Governance with which the Group intends to manage the impact of its decisions and activities with a sense of responsibility, gradually introducing Corporate Social Responsibility to the entire organization and incorporating it into all of its dealings. IMA was one of the first Italian companies in the industry to adopt a Code of Ethics.


    Economic sustainability

    IMA's strategy aims to create profit to remunerate its shareholders, but also economic value for all of its stakeholders. This is based on the primary objective of IMA's business: end-user satisfaction. Through continuous investment in technology and constant improvement of the quality and reliability of its products and by opening new foreign branches or joint ventures with other industry players, IMA is able to serve its end-users more and more quickly and efficiently, thus achieving a competitive advantage.


    Social sustainability

    IMA is committed to promoting a culture of quality to ensure products and services of the highest possible level and end-users' satisfaction. IMA also assumes the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of the people working for the Group, in compliance with the regulations and in collaboration with the requests of labour organizations: welfare, professional development and quality of the work environment are values that go beyond compliance with current legislation and that IMA ensures through training, monitoring systems, prevention activities and continuous investment. The territory, understood as the economic and social fabric in which IMA was born and raised, is a strategic element for the Group's activities.


    Environmental sustainability

    Even though IMA's business is non-polluting and has a limited impact on the environment, every effort is made to minimise any direct impact on the environment that may derive from the production cycle: energy management, carbon footprint and proper waste disposal are just some of the programmes that exist to safeguard environmental resources. Adherence to the Carbon Disclosure Project and working methods that maximize energy savings are just some of the Group's commitments towards the environment.


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